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Holding on to a paintbrush

left: BLACK / right: WHITE
left: "BLACK", right: "WHITE"
oil on linen, framed 190x97 cm, 2/2009
(the reproduction shows the not yet finished painting)

I carefully painted the portraits
of 2 well-known individuals.
True, the left one has a "black" mother
and the right's mother is indeed "white".

But let us think:
Is "blackness" merely about skin colour
- or is it deeper than skin-deep?
Or do "blackness" & "whiteness" today have little to do with the colour of skin...

Can a "black" man have "a white state
of mind"? Can "a black" go to a "white" school? Can "a black" have a "white" job?
Is one that's made his skin white - "white"? And if yes (or no) - so what!?

Let us think about that for a while,
shall we...?

oil on linen, 67 x 196 cm, 2005 - Sept 2007

This is
a political painting.

upon layer
of jellyfish,
more than thousand
carefully painted
boneless creatures
with nasty stings.

I open my eyes
and I see jello


oil on linen, silver plating,
framed 148 x 148 cm, July - August 2007

STREAKING is the act of taking off
one's clothes and running naked
through a public place.
The most public form of streaking is running naked before huge crowds at sporting events. However, many streakers seek quieter venues, such as a neighborhood at night after most people have gone to bed. Some have even found it especially satisfying to streak on rural highways in the very early hours of the morning, when there are not many commuters on the road. A number of streakers do not intend to expose themselves to others, but find it thrilling to do it in places that often have people present, but do not at the time of their streak. Streaking may be an individual or a group activity. It is not uncommon for videos of some of the more daring streaks to find popularity on the internet.
(from Wikipedia)

This just caught streaker much resembles a generic image of a certain someone, doesn't he.
Thus the title - The Second Coming (of Jesus), or Parousia (that's Greek).

oil on linen, gold plating,
framed 126 x 126 cm, June - July 2007

The 7 Deadly Sins series:

SUPERBIA (Latin) -
Pride (or vanity or hubris)

I'll try to "design" these 7 paintings in the same manner:
- gold plated background with typographic composition of the Latin word of the featured sin
- an image that somewhat alludes to the featured sin, but in no way straightforward, of course

This piece is obviously not "a painting".
Yet it touches certain issues concerning "the art of painting".
For further explanation click below.

Zlato tele
the Golden Calf
"the object of worship"
"the box"
making of the crowns 1
making of the crowns 2
making of the crowns 3
1 good TV set, gold plated, 1 set of gold plated crowns (copies of those on the "Mary
of Brezje"), 1 TV piedestal, one "box", several hundereds of tea-candels, 1 lighter
Sept - Nov 2007

oil on canvas, gold plating,
framed 190 x 97 cm, 10 - 11/2007

The "BLACK BOOK" versus
Anachronistic as it may seem
"the clash" is happening today.

(Since I know of some people that didn't get it I'm explaining it now:
the titles say "Bible" and "Quran".)

left: "EVIL", right: "GOOD"
acrylic & oil on canvas, gold plating, framed 190 x 97 cm, 10/06 - 11/2007

I carefully painted the portraits of 2 individuals, based on their official photos. Than I fitted out the backgrounds with "scientific" studies of their personalities, based on physiognomy, especially facial features.
Need I explain I'm no beliver
in pseudosciences like eugenics, anthropological criminology, physiognomy, racism and phrenology?
My aim was for the wiewer to experience
a subtle U-turn: whilst agreeing with the (uncontradicted) hate-speech slogans,
he should get he's agreeing with
the logic of hate-speech.
And, of course, one might also contemplate on the world's shallowness and superficiality...

Vec kot zivljenje
left: "HEAVEN", right: "HELL"
acrylic & oil on canvas, framed 190 x 97 cm, 10 - 11/2007

Left: what's left of a suicide bomber.
Right: could be a party, could be
just a soft-porn installation.

Such scenes coexist today - wide apart,
but joined through the globalised media
- or close together, clashing.
Third-world's indigence
versus western decadence.

The cliche of muslim heaven, promised to the killed in jihad, much resembles certain scenes in the rich & sinful part of the world.
Killing off the image
of the same idea of paradise,
that's been promised as a reward...

oil on canvas, gold plating,
framed 106.5 x 106.5 cm, 3-6/2007


Video - Still
acrylic on linen, 140x140 cm,
June 2006 - Jan 2007

oil on canvas, 67.5x196 cm, 8/2004

Darfur anounces the possibility
of a new series of oval canvases.
I'd like to develop further
what I attained with the Baroque painting.

So, painting rich texture
by layering many icons.
Avoiding composition,
but building a deep surface.
I didn't want the inner structure
to compete with
the strong shape of the format.

oil on linen, 225x135cm, 1998-2002

The baroque painting means a kind of breakthrough for me and therefore deserves a few words.
It all started back in 1997 when I found this beautifully shaped underframe. It is original, but was in such a bad condition that the restorers had replaced it. It sure suits my purpose, though.

I prepared the canvas with special, reddish pigment, bolus, mixed with usual bolognese chalc. I didn't dare degrading the powerfull shape with any kind of composition. So I decided to build a rich texture by composing many layers of filigran images.
After 4 long years and around 40 lajers, few hundreds porno images dissapeared in a rich, deep surface. And the painting doesn't look vulgar at all, not anymore, only rich, smooth and different.

The painting was purchased by the NLB bank and now hangs proudly in the XX. Century Slovene Paintings Collection.

old window, linen, gypsum, oil, gold paint;
124(240)x152cm, spring of 1999
the painting opens like a 3-piece altar

I had found an old window resembling the Windows logo and decided to do this piece.

A game of words – Bill Gates and the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge.

“Golden Gates” – one of the richest men in history. His mistery, secret passage, crossing, “Bill’s Gate” – MS Windows.

I fitted the painting with ladybugs cast out of plaster. In Slovenia ladybugs mean happiness.
But a “bug” can also mean an inherent defect in a computer program. First versions of Windows were known to be quite “buggy” yet they made him enormous amounts of money.

And there’s also a “religious” view – the painting opens like a gothic 3-piece altair.

Poliptih Jesen
oil on 8 canvases, frame, 585x146cm, 11.2000 - 9.2001
200x140cm, septembra 2000
oil on linen, glass, acrylic, frame, 140x140cm, spring of 1999

It's fascinating how easy it is to manipulate with masses.

A scene from the time of the Yugo so called "yogurt revolutions".
Masses idolising a war criminal...

The bottom part of the painting serves as a mirror in which the viewer can spot himself.
Could be him, them, me. Easily.

(The "Red" and "Yellow" and "Blue" below together form a little "cycle")

160x115cm, spomladi 1998

A painting of contrasts of chaos and order.
A chaotic abstract-expressionistic background and an orderly photo, painted over.

Or – an image of a chaotic Kosovo war atmosphere combined in the same canvas with an abstract background, resembling peaceful, good and rich living…

273x173cm, acrylic and oil on MDF, fall 1998
This early painting is important for me.
I tried to compose a painting that could "function" aesthetically - using massively reproduced media images doomed to slip into oblivion.
Is it possible to ignore the symbolic contents of such images?
How would such a painting grow old? ...
Well, after 10 years I think it's getting old nicely :))

I’m pro Democrats, but this painting dates back to the time they tried to impeach Clinton. I'm not the one to judge nor am I anyone's attorney. And the fact is the affair had ruled the media scene that fall.

There’s an image of him on a hearing while, as he said, he “didn’t lie” about having sex with an intern, there are sketches how 10 times “nothing happened”, there’s the famous Monica Lewinski’s blue dress and there are some events from around the world at that time.
A Kosovo boy holding a grenade, a map of bombed Serbia, a demonstration of the opposition in Russia and the Kremlin church, “printed” many times to form a rich texture.

160x120cm, 1998
260x140cm, julija 2000

This painting is important for me
because it is the “first of a kind”.

I painted it "against the will of my professor", cobining and layering the images “of my world”.

tryptich, 115x160cm (middle), 100x160cm (sides), interspace 15cm, 1997

Let me explain the title: it can go 2 ways, so I can´t translate it. It can either mean "A Man and Twoo Women" or
"Man´s, Woman´s" (principle).
The painting is just an
academic exercise in modernism.

oil on linen, 162x100cm, 1997
oil on linen, 120x160cm, 1997
big serious paintings
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